Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pin of the week

Well, I haven't decided if this will count.  First off, I can't find the pin. I was going to pin it, but the page refreshed and I couldn't find it at all... trust me I spent far too much time looking to find it again.  So that's the first reason I'm not sure if I'm going to let it count, the second would be it was a cleaning thing and not really a making thing... which I think is what I had in mind when I took on the challenge...

Anyway, so if it does count, here's what it was:

Drain cleaning...

Pour baking soda down the naughty drain... wait 5 minutes
Pour boiling water down drain... wait 10 minutes
Pour 1 cup of bleach down drain!

Drain will be free of the nasty black gunk you can see just under the rim, and the smell will also be GONE!  I really needed to do this for the boys bathroom, and it worked wonders for their sink!  So there you go, and easy drain cleaner with supers that we moms usually always have on hand!


  1. Of course it counts silly! Anything you pin is fair game. Did it work out for you?

  2. Well I actually stumbled on it again later, and pinned so that I'm legit :-). And yes I think it did work. Especially in the boys drain. That one needed to be cleaned anyway, so that is where I started. It definitely does what it claims, at least for me it did!