Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burp Clothes

When ever I'm in need of buying baby gifts I usually go to the babystore, spend hours standing a staring, and find it head splitting to find just the right thing.  YES, I put way too much thought and effort into it... but if I'm going to get something, I want it to be RIGHT.  That's when I came up with a plan a few weeks ago.

Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest (and all things craft blogginess, really), I seen tons of people decorating their own burp clothes... GENIUS!  My theory is you can never have too many burp clothes.  In the sort 6 months we our nephew stayed with us as a newborn, we went through rags of all sorts for spit-up... more burp clothes - WAY BETTER!

So what did I do?  Well I picked up a package of the 3-ply (organic, fancy!) cotton diapers, and then headed to the fabric store (ok I should admit here, I stood in the fabric isles for probably as long as I would normally stand in the babystore isle.  I knew of one nursery scheme, but not of the second....).

In this first shot, each of the three are different.  Starting left and heading right.  The first is a very simple design, the great black and white fabric is stitched on with a great electric blue thread (her nursery colors).  I love her color scheme, but it is a super sweet baby girl we are talking about... PINK is in order, am I right?! 

The next set of three I put together, well, I just couldn't pass up this fabric.  I didn't know what the nursery scheme was, but I know my gal pal well enough to know that she would love these sweet owls as much as I did!

As you can see here on the first one, I embellished with purple ribbon, and also cut out a few owls ans appliqued them on to the corners.  SUPER CUTE!
With this one, I add an additional fabric to really bring out the girly pink (the photo really doesn't do it justice).
And the last one, again, I wanted to have one very simple one in the set... so the fabric is simply stitched on with a pretty pink.
For those wondering, yep, you will probably be seeing these pop up for sale on my etsy shop as soon as I can carve out some time to sew!