Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinned again

Storage and display are two things that I both like, and at times am annoyed that I don't have enough of either!  I'm constantly organizing and reorganizing as I go to find the best way to keep my materials, see my materials, and use my materials.  If money were no object I would have a bigger house that had a room dedicated to my sewing... heck, I would have a whole wing of a house dedicated to all my crafting loves... but money is an object, of which we rarely have a ton of extra laying around.

Until money magically starts fallin from the sky right into my pocket, my sewing/crafting is in our master suite.  After much discussion and measuring, and thinking and rethinking, really the best (and only) option was one wall in our room.  Well, part of a wall, our dogs and their beds ended up with about a third of the wall...

Anyway, one of my pin boards is craft room inspiration, and I regularly find neat and new ways to keep things... but with life so busy lately I really haven't been able to implement anything until today!  I needed to run to the craft store for something, and I have a 20% off my entire purchase coupon... so I went browsing to see if I could find those cool curtain hangers... the loops with the little clips!  SCORE!  They are perfect for hanging fabrics from!  Right now I have the fabrics I've been using for the earbud pouches hanging.  It makes it so easy to grab, cut and then rehang!