Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A finished piece

In last week's post about my studio, I had a picture of an unfinished mini quilt I was working on. Well, I was able to get the binding and carve out some time today to finish it up. The purpose of this mini quilt is to sit atop my washer (I will make one for the dryer too) to keep it from getting all scratched up. I know it sounds a little odd, but they are such lovely machines that I don't them to get all junked out before they die! Plus, I really want to make my laundry room a little more colorful. Maybe just maybe by adding a few little touches will help me to get the laundry done in a more productive manner (I don't mind getting the laundry clean... it's getting it all folded and put away that seems to be my down fall).

I've never done anything quite like this before, and it turned out better than I planned (a bonus)! After I finished it up today, it got me thinking that this would be a great type of design (and easy to put together) for making diaper changing pads... i.e. a great handmade shower gift that you can customize to coordinate with the mom's nursery/diaper bag.

It could also easily be a great table top ironing pad. Instead of quilting interfacing/batting, you would use the insulation you use for making pot holders (probably a few layers would be best).

All I know is... now jelly rolls are going to be even more irresistible at the fabric store! I'm in TROUBLE!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My studio

Okay Studio is sort of a stretch! Really it is just one wall in my master bedroom... but hey, it's mine to work in, right?! RIGHT! I've spent a great deal of time trying to get inspired, making my space both clutter-free and yet conducive to creativity and production. It isn't as easy as I originally hoped. Sure you can do a lot for a little, my problem is coming up with ONLY one style that I like and that I can continue to add to as we go... I don't have 'studio' money to just throw down and buy the perfect set-up all at once!

So I'm starting small. I see something I like, and then I look around at what I have to see if I can replicate it in a temporary way... you know live with it to see if that's what I want. Here is a shot of the wall right behind my sewing table. I think I want a inspiration board or something right here, framed... but for right now I came up with this. Some of my favorite scrap paper, new favorite stamps, and a little help from my Cricut... and I have something pretty to look at as I work.

Sorting and storing notions, boy there really is a plethora of ways to do this. I like little containers personally. I like to see what I have, and if it is colorful, well then, let's put that to good use! On this shelf an old pepper ball jar, and a cherry jar are perfect for storing buttons and bobbins (again, with the help of the Cricut to cut out perfect letters).

Last weekend, while Hubby was hosting a Men's Only conference, I whipped out this little fabric basket. I'm using it to hold my odds and ends of fabric scraps (note the "SCRAPS" on the outside). To be honest, I also really wanted to cut out fabric letters with my Cricut... I NEEDED a project to do that for :-).

And last, but not least, the decorative L-brackets hubby bought me to hang up my shelves were perfect for sliding a wooden dowel through. My ultimate goal is to have my ribbon stash on the rod, but at the moment the only dowel I had was too large of a diameter for my ribbon bolts... but it is perfect for hanging inspiration fabric or works in progress! The latter happens to be the case at the moment. I'm working on a jelly roll (small) quilt. I just love these fabrics! Don't they have a vintage sheet look to them?! Hopefully I will be able to finish this project tomorrow (or next week) depending on the ability to get out and get the remainder of the supplies I need!

Well, there you have it... a spin (more of a pan) around my studio!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Work

Last week a friend from college emailed me about do a custom job. What she was asking for wasn't terrible difficult (although working from measurements alone, not the actual machine in front of me, posed a little more tricky for me)... what she was looking for was a laptop sleeve and an additional bag to hold the power cord and mouse. I gladly accepted, and off I went shopping (my favorite part, of course). Honestly, my iPhone was such a handy little companion. I was able to take pictures of possible fabrics, look at the inspiration fabrics she had in mind, and email her to pics while I was still in the store! VERY COOL!

The fabric she choose was so pretty (the bottom half of this picture), and then I found it's corresponding secondary fabric (LOVE IT)... although I had no intention of buying more than what I needed for the project... well look at it, it is fantastic... I bought more with my own stash of money.
And the finished product, drum roll please (picture is not great, I only got one shot off this morning before I hurried to the post office to mail it to her):

So this makes my first SOLD project! Hopefully there are more, but for now I'm pleased with this success!