Thursday, August 18, 2011

My studio

Okay Studio is sort of a stretch! Really it is just one wall in my master bedroom... but hey, it's mine to work in, right?! RIGHT! I've spent a great deal of time trying to get inspired, making my space both clutter-free and yet conducive to creativity and production. It isn't as easy as I originally hoped. Sure you can do a lot for a little, my problem is coming up with ONLY one style that I like and that I can continue to add to as we go... I don't have 'studio' money to just throw down and buy the perfect set-up all at once!

So I'm starting small. I see something I like, and then I look around at what I have to see if I can replicate it in a temporary way... you know live with it to see if that's what I want. Here is a shot of the wall right behind my sewing table. I think I want a inspiration board or something right here, framed... but for right now I came up with this. Some of my favorite scrap paper, new favorite stamps, and a little help from my Cricut... and I have something pretty to look at as I work.

Sorting and storing notions, boy there really is a plethora of ways to do this. I like little containers personally. I like to see what I have, and if it is colorful, well then, let's put that to good use! On this shelf an old pepper ball jar, and a cherry jar are perfect for storing buttons and bobbins (again, with the help of the Cricut to cut out perfect letters).

Last weekend, while Hubby was hosting a Men's Only conference, I whipped out this little fabric basket. I'm using it to hold my odds and ends of fabric scraps (note the "SCRAPS" on the outside). To be honest, I also really wanted to cut out fabric letters with my Cricut... I NEEDED a project to do that for :-).

And last, but not least, the decorative L-brackets hubby bought me to hang up my shelves were perfect for sliding a wooden dowel through. My ultimate goal is to have my ribbon stash on the rod, but at the moment the only dowel I had was too large of a diameter for my ribbon bolts... but it is perfect for hanging inspiration fabric or works in progress! The latter happens to be the case at the moment. I'm working on a jelly roll (small) quilt. I just love these fabrics! Don't they have a vintage sheet look to them?! Hopefully I will be able to finish this project tomorrow (or next week) depending on the ability to get out and get the remainder of the supplies I need!

Well, there you have it... a spin (more of a pan) around my studio!

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