Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Work

Last week a friend from college emailed me about do a custom job. What she was asking for wasn't terrible difficult (although working from measurements alone, not the actual machine in front of me, posed a little more tricky for me)... what she was looking for was a laptop sleeve and an additional bag to hold the power cord and mouse. I gladly accepted, and off I went shopping (my favorite part, of course). Honestly, my iPhone was such a handy little companion. I was able to take pictures of possible fabrics, look at the inspiration fabrics she had in mind, and email her to pics while I was still in the store! VERY COOL!

The fabric she choose was so pretty (the bottom half of this picture), and then I found it's corresponding secondary fabric (LOVE IT)... although I had no intention of buying more than what I needed for the project... well look at it, it is fantastic... I bought more with my own stash of money.
And the finished product, drum roll please (picture is not great, I only got one shot off this morning before I hurried to the post office to mail it to her):

So this makes my first SOLD project! Hopefully there are more, but for now I'm pleased with this success!

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