Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pin it, baby

Most people know about Pinterest by now... it's a fun addiction that can pull you into hours of endless pictures, ideas, and ... well, not getting anything in your real life done!  Am I right?!  That is until your best friend lays down a challenge!  And lay one done, she DID (well two really :-)!

The majority of my pinning has something to do with making stuff... food and crafts (mostly crafts).  Okay, as for the challenge... come up with a number (a doable number) of pins to complete in a given time period.  This way it isn't just mindless pinning with no actual usage.  As for me, I've decided a doable challenge is 4 completed pins per month.  I definitely think 1 per week is a doable task.  Honestly, that is what I've been trying to do, but thanks to illness, co-op starting up, a new school year... the list goes on, things have not been moving as quickly as I had hoped.  Thankfully I think I have a handle on life now, and crafting can now make it's way back into the quiet moments in my day!

Challenge number TWO... this is one I am super stoked about... a Christmas pin gift exchange!  I think this is just GENIUS... but my best friend is a GENIUS so I'm not surprised she came up with something so AWESOME!!!!  Here's what I have to do (and you should do this with you bestie as well), comb through her pins, pick one thing and make it FOR her!  Isn't that fabulous!?!

I am really excited about the endless possibilities this holds... and what a great way to come up with a loving handmade gift for someone!

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  1. Yeah, I'm really excited about this too! I've already completed 3 pins and I'm starting my 4th one with those coloring totes I showed you. Am I crazy to try to churn out 4 at one time? Probably.