Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Ec.

One of my self imposed summer projects is to re-do, fix, or create alternatives that don't require buying something new to replace something old(er).

Things are going pretty well in this regard. If you've made you way over from my family blog then will remember this recent post about repairing my mattress pad/cover!

Next up was the lining for the dirty clothes basket for the master bathroom. We've had that basket for ages (like 5 years). Every so often I would remove the canvas lining that it came with and wash it. Sadly it became dingy and pilly, and it just needed to go. What to do??? Well, like the mattress cover, I went to my stash of old sheets... and lo and behold I had a little purple sheet, that actually is a match to the bathroom stuff we have (we used to be all matchy-matchy with our master bedroom and bathroom... LONG TIME AGO)...

Now, I don't have pictures of the process... but it isn't hard to follow. I simply cut apart the old lining along the seams so that I could use it as the pattern. I cut the pieces from the sheet, and sewed them together.

The original one had a pocket that the elastic fit into, well, the elastic was shot, but there was no good way to get to it to repair/replace it. So I decided when I made my own, that instead of encasing the elastic, I would simply leave it exposed on the underside (it is flipped under, the outer rim is a finished seam) this way I can repair it over time when it loses it compression.
So there you have it... another quick fix with out going out and buying either a new basket with liner, or managing to hunt down a liner that fits the existing basket!

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