Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love bargains! I love sales! I rarely buy things anymore (non food related) that aren't on sale. Basically, we rarely actually NEED something right away. I have the time to wait till it goes on sale, before I purchase it... or wait for that great coupon to spring up somewhere.

That being said... I did need little D-rings to finish up a bag I'm working on so that I can get it up on my Etsy shop. This meant I needed to stop by Hobby Lobby to pick up a package... and next to the notions is the bin where they put in all the remnants or returned fabric. Okay, if you have a thing for fabric, we all know you can't not stop and pick through it to see if there is something in there that you just can't leave! The prices are usually a dollar or two... come on... you have to look... To be honest nine times out of ten, I don't see anything that I want. NOT TODAY... I hit the mother load as it were!

So what would have been a $3 purchase for the D-rings, turned into a $12 purchase for D-rings, and 4 fabrics! SCORE!!!


  1. That green fabric on the left is one of the fabrics in the quilt our aunt made for the girls and the main fabric in their pillowcases. I love it.

  2. I already had some yardage of it... It is just delicious!!