Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh dear... it's a bit long!

I was recently asked by a friend to share my list blogs that keep up with regarding sewing/crafting.  Well first let me say that I've not shared this list in its entirety before because I really didn't want anyone to know how pervasive my addiction has become... Ummm... prepare yourself!  Oh, and I don't read them EVERYDAY, and rarely on the weekends.  It's mostly if I have some down time while the boys are working on the school assignments (heck it took me three days just to finish getting this list all linked up)... and they are in my Reader so I only look at the ones with new posts!  Um, and not everyone of them do I actually think I can actually use the info, some I just like to gawk at the lovely pictures.  Oh, and I don't read every post, if it doesn't interest me or they are just advertising then I skip it!  I am really good at rationalizing!  It's a gift :-).

Love Affair with my Brother

Cabbage Corner
Craft Passion
Crochet Me Blog
Flamingo Toes
Future Girl Craft Blog
Hammer & Thread
Home Frosting
House on a Hill Road
Lark Crafts
Let Me Sew Love
Listen In
Little Birdie Secrets
AdornIt Blog
Not Quite June Cleaver
One Pretty Thing
Sew Dang Cute Crafts
Sew, Momma, Sew!
Sew4Home (love, love, love)
Stamps and Stitches
Stubbornly Crafty
The DIY Dish (lots of videos)
The Purl Bee
The Long Thread
Warehouse Fabrics
Ameroonie Designs
Creative Itch
FairyFace Designs (amazing)
Gwenny Penny
Little Big Girl Studio
Little Lovelies
Sew Many Ways
Sew Much Ado
Someday Crafts
The Crafty CPA
The Girl Creative
Amanda Murphy Designs (way above my level, but wonderful to look at)
Clean & Simple
I Heart My Glue Gun
Me Sew Crazy
Poppy Seed Fabric
Saving 4 Six
Sew Sweetness
Shape Moth (Way out of my league, but beautiful and inspiring quilt blocks)
Gingersnap Crafts

Okay... there it is... my link list from my google reader!

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