Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Still workin', and thinking about my projects for the year

Although I haven't been posting, rest assured I've been sewing and pinning (maybe that has gotten a little out of hand, but hey I can pin from my phone app while laying in bed getting rest!).

I've mentioned it before, but I really want to put together my first quilt (full size).  At this point I have no idea when that will happen.  I've done some small scale quilting over the last year, and went to the quilt show in Houston (and was able to pick up tips and tricks) that lead me to believe that I have the skill to pull one off... but it's finding the materials I want to use (and the money to buy them), and the time and space to do it right... those are the challenges at the moment.

In conjunction with quilting (and other projects) I really want to try my hand at free motion quilting, applique work, and thread painting.  Thanks to It's Sew Easy, I'm convinced that I could enjoy it!  They really shouldn't make things look easy or say that ANYONE can do it! :-)  Where these techniques will show up, I have no idea just yet.  I just really want to give it a go!

I REALLY want a dress form.  I've made few pieces of clothing for myself over the years, and it turned out alright... but with the proper form they would turn out so much better.  Unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg (even though they have neither :-), so I'm thinking of giving one the homemade ones a try (naturally I saw it on Pinterest).  The way I figure it, if it works... GREAT!  If not, oh well, I'm only out a few bucks in supplies (and looking silly during the process)... So, I'm going to give it a whirl... and of course share my results with you!

My store, I would really like to expand what I'm selling.  The earbud cases have done well, and I've had some time to restock which is nice.  I recently sold out of the clutches, and I think I want to do more with those since I have several cases on there now.  I would really like to pick up a ruffler foot for my machine, and be able to add ruffled fabric.  At the moment, my attempts at hand ruffling look more like pleats... then I get frustrated and just keep the pleats and walk away :-).

Well, there you have it... where my crafting thoughts have been in the last few weeks!

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